Changchun is the capital city of Jilin Province. It is one of the major cities in Northeastern China and the 9th biggest city in terms of developed area and population in developed area. It is also an important industrial city and one of the four “National Garden Cities”. Currently, the actual population in Changchun is over 10 million.

The project is located at Sheling Town, Shuangyang District, which is near Jingyuetan National Forest Park. Jingyuetan National Forest Park is dubbed as “Changchun Urban Forest”. There are 119 hills in the park, creating distinguished landscape. The northern area undulates pleasantly while the southern area is relatively vast and open. Surrounded by lush woods and upright mountains, calm lake water of Jingyuetan glistens in tranquility. Jingyuetan is renowned as “Green Pearl” and attracts thousands of tourists every year. There are also natural hot springs in Changchun. Many people believes the therapeutic functions of bathing in hot springs and thus Changchun has always been a popular tourist destination.

Leveraging the abundant natural resources of Changchun Project, the project is to be developed into a premium tourism-themed town with residential, commercial properties.