As one of the 14 coastal cities under the PRC’s opening policy, Qinhuangdao is an important overseas trading port in Northern China and Grade A tourist city approved by the State Council of PRC, boasting many famous scenic spots including Shanhai Pass and Beidaihe.

Qinhuangdao Project is an outlets-centred, integrated project consisting of resort condo, hotel apartment and elderly-care apartment. It is along the coast highway with several main routes pass through. It is also near the new Qinhuangdao airport which is now under construction. Embraced by gentle sea breeze, it connects to Golden Coast District at its north side and joins Qilihai Scenic Resort at its south side. Demand for eco-tour increases as awareness of environmental protection rises. Golden sands against tender waves create a dazzling scene at the huge and flat beach. The unique dune is a spectacular view to tourists. Qilihai is the largest wetland in Northern China and its oyster pond, shell shore and Gushehu Wetlands are also remarkable.

Due to the aging population in the PRC, caregiving to aging people becomes a rising business opportunities. The consumption power driven by the demand is enormous. Therefore, Qinhuangdao Project grasps the opportunities brought by the social development. Targeting the aging population, the project is located in Qinhuangdao where gets breathtaking natural scenery and cosy environment for both housing and holiday. The Group believes the project has great development potentials in the future.